Offices and Art Gallery

This was the home of the local Union commander, Brig. Gen. Edwin H. Stoughton, March 9, 1863. A search of the house had revealed an honorary aide-de-camp commission to Antonia from Gen. Jeb Stuart. Union Maj. Willard, a former Provost Marshal at Fairfax Court House, fell in love with Antonia, secured her release and married her.

In the pictorial display at the Ford House Exhibit you meet Antonia Ford, a Confederate spy. Major Joseph Willard, a Union officer, who falls in love with her.

The story of the Civil War and its dramatic impact on music. Picture display of Antonia Ford, imprisoned as a spy following Ranger Mosby’s night capture of Historic Fairfax. The Exhibit is a Community Improvement Project of The Women’s Club of Fairfax.


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